Wedding Makeup Artist Toronto

Wedding Makeup Artist Toronto


Wedding Makeup Artist Toronto

Jul 19, 2013 by Kristin Ortiz

Stephanie is a truly talented makeup artist. After trying 3 different people to do my makeup for my wedding, I found Stephanie. She was the first one that focused on my features, making me beautiful, not just applying makeup. The day of the wedding I was having issues with my hair and Stephanie offered to help. She did my hair exactly how I envisioned it! I would recommend her services to anyone. She is a true professional and great to work with!



Jul 19, 2013 by Jenna

Stephanie is so wonderful! She did my wedding make-up along with my 10 bridesmaids! And everybody looked amazing! We had so much fun with her and one of my bridesmaids already booked her for her wedding in November! You can tell that she is so passionate about what she does and she is so talented and versatile… Love her!



Wedding Makeup Artist Toronto

Mar 26, 2013 by Lindsay Jaramillo Steckel

Stephanie did wedding make-up for me, bridesmaids and family, she was absolutely amazing! Despite the fact that we had 6 women and 2 girls to do make-up for that day of she was extremely meticulous and took the time to make each and every person gorgeous! For myself, we had actually had a trial and little did she know I was going to completely change what I wanted. She of course was prepared and did exactly what I had requested, it turned out just perfect and I felt the most beautiful I have ever felt! It was a pleasure to work with Stephanie and I appreciate all her hard work and attention to detail. My day was even more amazing because Stephanie helped to make it that way! I would recommend her hands down and hope to use her again soon!



Dec 02, 2012 by Denese Lovvorn

Stephanie is someone that I truly respect for following her passion in our field of work. Her drive and passion for her craft is apparent and she shared that every person she came into contact with. She empowered her clients with the knowledge they needed to execute any look they desired through show and teach. She has a high level of professional integrity that will serve her in any medium she enters.



Sep 15, 2012 by Jarrod Phillips- Producer/Actor

Stephanie is a tsunami of positive energy like I have rarely seen in a person. She not only does her thing expertly and quickly, but does it with such personality and joy that it is impossible for others not to catch her enthusiasm. An absolute joy to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough.



Aug 09, 2012 by Ryan Walsh

I have had the opportunity to work with Stephanie on numerous projects and different settings ranging from creative collaborations with fashion editorial photo shoots to classroom teaching environments with her makeup classes. She is an extremely talented makeup artist that possesses both creative and organizational skills – rare to find in the industry. She has great communication skills that enable her to share her knowledge with others and effectively coordinate projects of any size.



Dec 30, 2011 by LaFonda McGee

Stephanie is a motivated salesperson and a remarkable artist. Stephanie’s passion for artistry is apparent in her work with clients, but also in her personal appearance. Stephanie is always trying out new looks, experimenting with color and it always turns out beautifully. Stephanie is not afraid of change or hard work. She was always a person I could count on to go above and beyond when needed. Stephanie is a dedicated, efficient, and genuine personality, which makes it easy for clients, coworkers and managers to want to be able to count on her. She is inspirational in her passion and does her research to be able to bring the latest looks to clients. Stephanie has even created a blog to lead an inspire women in beauty and fashion when she is not working. She brings an energy and enthusiasm to work that has not been matched by any employee I have ever had.



Nov 30, 2011 by Sara Quintero

Stephanie has been serving me as my personal style/makeup/beauty product consultant for over three years. She has exquisite style and knowledge on all of these subjects. She is professional, compassionate, personable, classy, and driven. I will buy make up, beauty products, and clothing solely based on her recommendation. I have done so countless times over the last three years! She’s a perfectly mazing beauty/fashion industry professional.



Sep 09, 2011 by Kristen Stokes

Stephanie is extremely professional. She is always on time and well-prepared. She has true gifts of creativity, attention to detail, and individualism. I first worked with her through a friend and fell in love with her skills. I then hired her for many events, including photo shoots and my wedding. I contact her for personal makeup and skincare questions and suggestions and always receive great advice. I would hire her over and over again! She is truly unique and gifted.



Sep 08, 2011 by Nick George

Stephanie is a rock star! Such a trend-setting, professional and cosmetic-conscious fashionista that it’s hard not to notice that she obviously knows her stuff and is confident in her work. She is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone wanting the best in the industry.